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The holy books are in different languages and most of them are available in national and international languages. At the same time, the books on religions may be with one particular religion and there will be no comparison, with other languages. But, the English translation Koran is different and the book clearly explains about the references from Bible.


Quran With Bible References For Readers

Though it is very complicated and sensitive to compare two religions in a book, the author has done a marvelous job in providing authentic information, that too, with clear explanations. These english translation koran books have been written thousands of years back and even if you know the language, you cannot understand the real meaning. Some of the words in the holy books have very deep meaning and unless you read the explanations and descriptions, you cannot understand. The English translation has created the urge with people of other religions also to buy the books, so that they can learn about the religions, to some extent. When you read a statement in the book, you may need to have references, so that you can believe that the statement is true and authentic.

Authentic References With Explanations

Without references, books cannot be written. More than three thousands references have been given in the English translation of Quran and you will be rather surprised to learn that there are hundreds of bible references in the holy quran. Though the author belongs to a particular religion, he has worked very hard to bring the book, with complete details. Today, unity is the most required one, since people have been suffering from unwanted violence. This will change in future, if people start to read religious books. No religion is interested in violence and the religions do not believe that it is possible to win, through violence and terrorism. Even if you are not a very serious religious person, you should know how to move with others, in your society. The english translation koran has changed the minds of many people and that itself is a great success for the author. Order your Quran in English language, read and enjoy.