Chef’s Knives – Ceramic Versus Stainless Steel

In this review I have chosen two top-of-the-line stainless steel Chef’s knives and pitted them against the Boker 6.13″ ceramic blade. Looking at these knives in terms of cutting edge, edge retention, power and performance, as well as corrosion resistance, we come to see that when choosing the kitchen knife that fits your needs it all depends on application.

Hands-down the Boker ceramic blade beats all in terms of cutting-edge and edge retention. That is, with proper use, this blade could last a lifetime and provides the keenest cutting experience. Thanks to the zirconia used in the making of this blade it is slightly less harder than a diamond and is harder than hardened steel. But alas, its strength is also its weakness; the blade is so hard it is brittle and prone to chipping or breakage if misused. A ceramic blade is not meant to chop or cut frozen items or hard bone. It is also well to avoid vegetables or cheeses that are fibrous. This knife must be sharpened by a professional. The Boker also beats the pack in terms of corrosion resistance, but that’s an unfair comparison. Boker’s handle measures at 4 3/8″ with a blade length of 6 1/8″, giving an overall length of 10 1/2″. With an ergonomic design and Delrin handle you get a firm grip that is comfortable for repetitive slicing and minimal fatigue.

When we look at power, performance and corrosion resistance, the Kershaw Chef’s Knife uses AUS6A high-carbon stainless steel. This Japanese steel is highly corrosive resistant and is used very effectively in dive knives. Similar to AISI 440A you get a corrosive resistant knife that also provides good wear resistance and toughness with an HRC rating of 57-58. Kershaw’s grip is longest of them all at 5 3/16″ and has a 6″ blade. The handle is made of soft-touch co-polymers which have a slightly rubbery feel and increases grip security.

For power and performance the ice-tempered, precision flat ground Cold Steel offers the best option. Made from German 4116 stainless steel, equivalent to 420HC, you get the best wear performance and cutting power, with minimal drag. This is the knife needed for those frozen items the ceramic blade can’t handle. Cold Steel’s soft, non-slip, Kraton checkerboard grip has a stiff Zy-Ex inner core which gives a superb comfortable, secure, grip. The Cold Steel measures out at 13″ overall, with an 8″ blade and 5″ handle.

Speaking of handles, when you are looking for a knife that you want to use over and over again the grip on a knife is just as important as the blade. And handle size in comparison to blade length will determine how and what kind of pressure you can use.

Are you hard on your knives? Are you a pro, with a knife for every need? Or do you worry about your stainless steel staining? Each quality chef’s knife is suited to a particular use and handling style and most come in different sizes and styles. All in all, taking these factors into consideration we can see that the choice of knife really depends on the application. So whether we are slicing, chopping, or cutting, when we choose the right chef’s knife we gain a heightened and refined user experience.

Titanfall for PC

Titanfall for PC

A lot of games are heavily hyped by their manufacturers in order to build pre-lease buzz. Titanfall was just such a game and was touted as the crown jewel of gaming for 2014. In this review, the good, the bad, and the ugly will be discussed and evaluated.

Titanfall Review: The Good

The standout positive feature of Titanfall is the graphics. They are state of the art and then some. It is fair to say that the PC version of the game boasts some of the most beautiful, lifelike, and intense graphics ever seen on a PC game. This is notable in every detail but is especially spectacular in the rendering of shadows, smoke, facial detail, water effects, and fire.

Gamers will have to play the title on relatively powerful computers to get these graphical goodies, but even gamers who own computers barely meeting the minimal requirements will notice some of the beauty.

The gameplay in and of itself is also quite impressive. The running along walls, the variety of weaponry, and the ability to enter and control the very cool mechs are all pluses. It would have been nice, however, to at least have some kind of tutorial mode or practice arena to give new players a sense of how to play before being “baptized by fire” in the online arena.

Titanfall Review: The Bad

Bugs and connection problems have, somewhat sadly, become expected for new PC releases. Review sites are often littered with complaints over “no server found” messages or hacking issues. While this may be par for course these days, it still rankles many gamers. Also a big turnoff is the fact that Titanfall for the PC requires Origin to play.

Titanfall Review: The Ugly

The matchmaking system is easily the biggest flaw of the game. Many message boards filled with frustrated gamers emphasizes this point. In order for a good online battle, teams need to be evenly matched. Unfortunately the Titanfall system is ridiculously random, and beginning level players may end up on a team of newbies fighting against an enemy team composed entirely of top level gamers.

For a game that only offers a 6v6 online battle, the matchmaking system should have been a top priority. For whatever reason, the system is unforgivably broken, and that’s a shame.

Rating: 6.5

This could have been much better with only minor changes. Perhaps “Titanfall 2″ will address the problems.

Infant Optics DXR-8 – the best baby monitor in 2014

Newborn child Optics DXR 8 the best infant screen in 2014

Hi, my name is Thao, Welcome to my Infant Optics DXR 8 in profundity survey – the most recent incredible screen of the top quality organization.

The Video Baby Monitor is truly convenient for just about child rearing babies and little children. The screen gets to be incredible instruments to help in multi tasking and gives folks appreciate the genuine feelings of serenity while they stay away structure their children for doing errands around the house or actually sleeping in your room.

Among the Baby Monitors, the Infant Optics DXR 8 is one of the best gadgets with 4.7 out of 5 stars of surveys. Each one child checking has it strength, for example, double cam, this DXR 8 is one of the top infant observing frameworks. With the moderate cost about 200 dollars and free dispatching on Amazon (with 15 percent discount) that is a best arrangement for an infant feature screen. Not long from now, this infant screen is a most current landing.

The DXR 8 of Infant Optics has progressed gimmicks that is the first and final child screen, for example, tradable optical lens capacity to permit to change the plot’s perspectives. The screen has 3.5 inch LED presentation with sound enacted and extra Polaroid unit.

See arrangement of the principle gimmicks of Infant Optics DXR 8:

One of first Interchangeable Lens System in world

Polaroid lens perspectives supporting

Survey plot and zoom with exchangeable optical lenses

XR 8 lens mount delineation

Polaroid Optical lenses mounted inside seconds

Polaroid course in full run remote control

3.5inch Color LCD and Night Vision Screen

Sound Activated LED & Temperature Indicator

Polaroid could be remote Controlled

Association up to four Polaroids in a singular showcase unit.

Information Encryption and Talk Back for 2.4ghz FHSS Communication

Splendor controls and speedy key volume

Alert capacity

Auto Out of extent and Low battery cautioning with Battery power marker.

Broadened Battery Life

The Design

Like the most other infant screens, the DXR 8 accompanies two sections, the first is the feature recipient and another is Polaroid.

With the solid locking arm of the screen, you can put the Polaroid at simply the right edge to watch over your kid. The compatible lens framework permits guardian position the Polaroid at any separation from infant to help you see however much as could reasonably be expected.

The vast 3.5 inch color LCD screen is incorporated with a movable recieving wire and a vertical control board on its correct side. The ash and white color plan of both units to help it fit into just about any room.


With the 2.4ghz FHSS, the DXR 8 sound is clear to comprehend to make it turns into a trustworthy indicator. The inherent information encryption of the screen might be security so clients don’t need to stress.

Different Lawnmower Engines for Different Occasions!

Honda – One of the biggest and the most popular manufacturers and producers of lawn mower Engines in the Market. They make engines for both riding mowers and push behind mowers. They have a massive repair/service network, which you can find via most dealers, and a great reputation…which has kept them around for so long.

Briggs & Stratton – have also been around a very long time and have maintained a great reputation for quality and productivity in the marketplace. They also have a great repair/service network, and are used by a lot of mower manufacturers needing parts for replacement or for new mowers. They make smaller lawn mower engines for push-behind mowers.

Kohler – also makes parts for smaller lawn mower engines. They are a very popular brand, for fuel-efficient, smooth running and quiet sounding engines. They also have a great support network for maintenance or replacements.

You can find much more about these, plus other brands by going online. Most lawnmower manufacturers tend to stick to the main brands because of their reputations, durability, and ‘adaptability’.

This is great news for you because due to the sizes and shapes of the engines being of a standard design they are easier to get hold of if you need parts or even a full replacement. Whatever brand of lawnmower you have, ‘well known or not’ you can find an engine to fit it – to keep it running efficiently.

Some people do their own maintenance, cleaning or repair of their lawn mower engines at home, but if this is not your thing there are lots of companies out there who will do it for you. Again, you can find all the information you need online. However, if you do decide to ‘do it yourself’ there are online resources that offer you tips and advice.

It is essential that you check your engine regularly for possible glitches or replacements. A company that specialises in this will check all parts are running efficiently, ensuring your mower never breaks down or has any interior problems.

One of the main things to look for with lawn mower engines is what kind of fuel they are using and how they are started up – does it use a recoil cord or does it have an electric starter. With the electric option remember it will need a battery to keep it going.

The type of fuel used depends on the type of engine – is it diesel or gas? A Four-cycle engine will only need gas, whereas a two-cycle engine will need a gas and oil mixture. However, Four-cycle engines are considered to be more efficient needing less maintenance then the two-cycle engine.

With lawn mower engines do a bit of research into manufacturers, maintenance, parts – taking into account the make of mower you have and if it will fit. No matter what type you have you can find an engine or parts that will keep your lawnmower working as efficiently as it always has….

Commutator paper, what is that?

Commutator paper is an important part of any motor that requires the use of carbon brushes. It is used to create a proper seal around the brushes while also pre-shaping the brushes and also cleaning the surfaces of the commutator.

Having a proper seal with the right paper is important because if you don’t, the carbon brushes inside the motor will have increased friction, which will cause them to wear down much more quickly than they normally would. This can also cause excessive damage to the commutator itself, which will result in a breakdown of the motor, expensive maintenance, and a lot of unnecessary downtime for the motor. Sealing the carbon brushes in properly also makes it possible to use rated current almost right away.

How Commutator Paper Works
When you’re creating a seal for carbon brushes, you should start by selecting commutator paper that is the appropriate width for the motor you are working on. It should be just wide enough to be in contact with all of the carbon brushes that are riding on that commutator. When installing the paper, always make sure that the abrasive side is out. Masking tape will make it possible to attach the paper to the commutator. Just be sure that you go all the way around the commutator. Next you should use your hand to rotate the commutator in the direction it goes until about 75 percent of the radius is covered by the brushes.

Selecting the Right Kind of Commutator Paper
Some people may use emery cloth as a cheap way to get around having to purchase paper, but it simply isn’t a good idea. One of the brands that is most trusted by engineers is Garnet. This particular type of paper has been around for a long time and is trusted by many engineers all over the world.

In addition to the brand name, you also have to be concerned about what grit the paper is before you purchase it. The grit you need depends almost entirely on the use of it. For example, one of the most common types of paper used is 80 grit paper, which helps with the main shaping of the brushes. On the other hand, once those brushes are shaped, you will need a different kind of paper. The other common type of commutator paper is 220 grit, which is often used after the 80 grit to help create a fine finish.

Seating the Carbon Brushes
It is also important when you work on the seal for those carbon brushes that you make sure they are seated correctly. Buying the right kind of commutator paper is the first step. Then you should also make sure that all of the carbon brushes are seated appropriately. When it is time to change them, be sure to change all of the brushes at the same time. If your motor is running correctly, they should wear evenly anyway.

The carbon brushes you select should have a precut radius so that you know they will fit correctly. Whenever you change the brushes, remember to vacuum up the extra carbon dust so that it does not fall down into the motor and cause problems and extra wear and tear on the motor.

It certainly never pays to take shortcuts, especially when you are dealing with questions about motors. The commutators and the carbon brushes that sit inside of them form one of the most important components of the motor. You simply can’t afford to have cheap parts.